Candid Camera: 5 ways Honor’s latest camera tech embraces AI

Sure, the Honor View10 has a high-resolution dual rear camera with wide aperture lenses, making it excellent on paper, but specs are only part of the story. Under the hood, the Honor View10  is powered by a new mobile processor, the first of its kind, the Kirin 970.

With AI at its heart, the Kirin 970 turns a good camera into an intelligent pair of eyes capable of capturing and recognising incredible things.

Smart scene recognition

When you come to take a picture on the Honor View10, you’ll notice the scene icon in the bottom of your screen change.

As your smartphone looks through its dual lenses, it intelligently identifies what you’re taking a picture of, optimising your photos so they always pop.

The specificity here is unprecedented. Point your phone at a dog, a dog icon appears and the saturation and contrast is optimised so your dogs fur and eyes look their best. Pan across to a cat and this same system tweaks the settings using AI so the nuances that make a cat look its finest stand out.

This AI scene recognition isn’t limited to animals. Taking some pictures in a forest? Shooting flower shots? Scanning text? The Honor View10 will create stunning foliage, vibrant petals and easy to read text, editing the images like a professional would, so you don’t have to.

Background defocus

It isn’t just high budget smartphones that offer advanced portrait features like background defocus. Using its dual-lenses and incredible AI smarts, the Honor View10 can understand depth, thereby blurring out your background to create impactful shots, with focus firmly in the front of the scene.

Unlike other smartphones, the Honor View10 takes that intelligence to the next level, remembering the depth of every picture shot in Aperture Mode.

After you take your picture, the perspective information is stored, so you can swap out focus between the foreground and background, or even have everything be in pin-sharp focus for maximum clarity across your image.

Background swap

The background effects aren’t limited to the Honor Honor View10’s rear camera. Even the selfie camera can intelligently isolate you from the background behind you.

Now, while defocusing your background looks cool, the Honor View10 goes beyond just ‘cool’. with AR Effects, artificial intelligence meets augmented reality to create something magical – a transportation device.

Okay, so that may be overstating it a little, but with the Honor View10’s smart selfie camera you can swap out your background with the press of a button, so your selfie can be in London one minute and Paris the next.

Light painting

With the Honor View10 AI meets advanced photography and opens up a dreamy world of light painting to first-time photographers and professionals alike.

A light painting usually requires know-how. Carefully tuned settings mean your camera can collect all the information it sees, turning seconds of time into a single picture. Streaked tail-lights, waterfalls or whatever else you’re pointing your camera at can look out of this world thanks to this classic technique. But without a little help, it’s all too easy to over-expose areas of your image.

Thankfully, the Honor View10 is the brains behind the operation in Light Painting mode. Not only does it pick the perfect length of time for your light trail to flourish, it also composites multiple shots to reduce exposure in bright areas, something even top-end DSLRs don’t do.

The results? Ethereal pictures that look like the works of a master, shot on a smartphone with the help of AI.

AI Translation

It isn’t just photography that can benefit from an AI powered camera, thanks to the Kirin 970’s AI Neural Processing Unit, the Honor View10 can double-up as a translator in your pocket.

Point your camera at text using the translator app, optimised for AI in partnership with Microsoft, and the Honor View10 can translate menus, letters or signs.

What differentiates this service from other translating options is that the AI powered Honor View10 translates in a fraction of the time and without an internet connection, making it a perfect travel companion for those times when you don’t have mobile data.

The ultimate AI camera companion

Whether taking a quick snap, a composed light-painting, blurring out your background or swapping it altogether, the Honor View10’s AI powered camera is a photographer’s best friend. 

Coupled with the additional smarts unlocked by the power of the Honor View10’s Neural Processing Unit and it’s clear that Honor’s latest camera technology has AI at its heart.

What is AI? Watch our explanation, brought to you by Honor

The Honor View10 pricing starts at £449.99.

Want to know more about camera tech and the future of phones? Check out Honor’s website. #Honor #ForTheBrave

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