Looking for presents for a film fan? We might just have the perfect gift

Here at team TechRadar we're all huge movie fans, not least because we sit in earshot of the Total Film team so we get to hear best gossip. 

Fortunately, for the film lover in your life (or yourself), you don't need to come and visit us in London and hold a glass to the wall to find out what you should be watching on the silver screen, because every month Future publishing makes two astoundingly good magazines. 

Yeah, we're pretty biased, but we'd all love to get ourselves a subscription to Total Film or the equally fantastic SFX. 

Why? Because there's something pretty special about a Christmas gift that isn't already becoming  boring by New Year's Eve. With a magazine subscription you or your lucky loved one will get a brand spanking new edition every month. 

Last, but not least, there are some pretty significant savings on subscriptions ahead of Christmas so you can either save the money for a fine aged Sherry or just buy another subscription for yourself. Huzzah! 

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